The Marine Christmas stocking is designed to become a special keepsake of Marines, former Marines, family and friends who love the Marine Corps. Available in both Desert and Woodland, the design is simple yet striking. The Marine Camosock is a holiday gift every Marine would be proud to receive.

Permission was granted by the Marine Corps to allow the use of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblem embroidered on the pocket. The attention to detail is outstanding.

The digital fabric has the identical rich color and pixel pattern as the Marine Corps patented uniform fabric MARPAT and is produced by the same American company. The only difference is the absence of the small Marine Corps emblem.

The original CAMOSOCK design was inspired by a Marine/Marine Dads desire to send something special to his daughter her first Christmas deployed oversees as a new Marine.

The CAMOSOCK, or "Holiday Gift Delivery System" as it's often referred to in military nomenclature, is perfect for sending your Holiday Greetings and expression of love and pride to your Marine. It will bring smiles for years to come.

Please call or email me if you have a question. Semper Fi


The Navy Corpsman stocking was designed to pay special tribute to "A Marines Best Friend." It may surprise some but the Navy Corpsman has a long proud tradition of serving with the United States Marine Corps. Those of you that have a personal relationship with a Navy Corpsman know the special bond that exist between the Corpsman and his Marines.

This beautiful U.S. Navy Corpsman stocking is a new addition to the Camosock Armed Forces Collection. I am confident in saying that sending this holiday gift stocking to your Navy Corpsmen will be received with sincere gratitude by the "Doc."

Please call (301-704-8544) or email me if you have any questions.

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